Seven Deadly Sins Plush

Anime Plush Doll

Let's talk about Mangas. This fantastic Japanese comic book which allowed to share and democratize the Japanese culture. You will find your most beloved plush here. Also declined in anime, Mangas are now perfectly integrated in Europe and very widely adapted to television. 

Seven Deadly Sins Plush

The Seven Deadly Sins Plush Toys are there to remind you the numerous episodes of this mythical Manga Anime  with its endearing heroes. You'll find Hawk Plush, Meliodas Plush, Ban Plush...

Working on proposing you a much larger choice

Soon discover more Seven Deadly Sins Plush with Elizabeth Liones, Gowther, Harlequin King, Escanor, (7DS) Merlin, Baby Griamore...


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