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Seven Deadly Sins Quotes : Top 8 Escanor Quotes


Escanor Quotes



Cool Fact: Similar to his appearance, Escanor’s personality changes in correlation with the time and position of the sun. As the Lion Sin of Pride, during the day when his power is at its peak, pride and arrogance are his most dominant traits, as he is incredibly condescending and passive-aggressive to all. This is during those times that Escanor gives us the crispier Seven Deadly Sins Quotes! We’ve selected 8 from many of them because well… Everything that Escanor says in his prime is a quote so, we got you the best ones!

  1. “Excuse me that you were born in my world.”
  1. “Excuse me. I feel bad when I’m looked at by someone smaller than me.”
  1. “Can’t my powerful attacks reach you? And who decided that? My blazing sun has been swallowed up by a patch of darkness? And who decided this? The only one who decides such things is me!”
  1. “Calmness is the mark of those who are powerful.”
  1. “I must admit; you are really strong, that is if you don’t count me.”
  1. “As a demon god… …how do you feel…? Being despised by a human?”
  1. “Hooo, what’s wrong? …Maybe you dropped a coin or something?”
  1. “You might not expect this from my appearance, but babysitting is my specialty.” 
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