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What Are The Seven Deadly Sins Sacred Treasures ?

What Are The Seven Deadly Sins Sacred Treasures


Each member of the group possesses a Sacred Treasure, entrusted to them by King Bartra himself when the group was formed, and compatible with their respective abilities. The weapons are unusable by anyone other than their intended holder.

Meliodas’s Sacred Treasure

Meliodas Lostvayne

Meliodas Sacred Treasure Lostvayne, is a short sword. He sold it in a pawn shop in the Kingdom of Camelot to get money for the Pig’s Hat. Merlin eventually buys the sword back and returns it to Meliodas to save Camelot from an Albion.

Diana’s Sacred Treasure

Diane Gideon

Diane War Hammer Gideon was designed especially for her. It is made of a material stronger than Steel and weighs about 2200 pounds. It became the prize of the annual Byzel Wrestling Festival after Diane lost it. Diana then took Gideon back during the attack of the Sacred Knights, quickly forcing them to retreat.

Ban’s Sacred Treasure


The Holy Staff Courechouse, is a nunchaku with 4 sections. It was stolen from Ban during his imprisonment in the Baste Dungeon.

King’s Sacred Treasure

Seven Deadly Sins Chastiefol

The Spirit Spear Chastiefol is a spear made from the Sacred Tree and found only in the Fairy Kingdom. Stronger than steel, it possesses the mysterious properties of the Sacred Tree itself, making it incredibly compatible with King’s ability, Disaster. It can take many different forms, including a pillow that can be used as a shield, a multitude of knives or a large teddy bear.

Gowther’s Sacred Treasure

Gowther Sacred Treasure

The Twin Bow Herritt, is made of pure psychic energy, and is incredibly compatible with Gowther’s ability, Intrusion. It is capable of projecting multiple arrows of energy simultaneously.

Merlin’s Sacred Treasure

Morning Star Aldan

The Morning Star Aldan, is a small crystal orb. Seven Deadly Sins Merlin can summon it at any time by magic. Most of Aldan’s abilities have yet to be identified, but so far it has been found to be used in conjunction with Merlin’s telekinesis and can display locations whenever Merlin wishes. It is also used to channel most of Merlin’s spells, such as his Exterminator Ray. Merlin can even transfer her soul into Aldan to bypass certain status-related ailments and possibly for much more severe physical damage.

Escanor’s Sacred Treasure

Divine Axe Rhitta

The Divine Axe Rhitta, is a giant, ornate axe. It has the ability to absorb and store the enormous amount of Solar Energy that Escanor releases from his body when he uses his ability, Sunshine, and to release it on demand. It is so heavy that even Captain Meliodas has trouble lifting it.

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