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Who Are All The Seven Deadly Sins ?

Who Are All The Seven Deadly Sins


The Seven Deadly Sins were once the most powerful order of Sacred Knights in the Liones Kingdom. Their order was formed by seven powerful Sacred Knights, all of whom were condemned for what they called their “intimate sin”, and on whom are engraved the symbols of seven animals (dragon, snake, fox, grizzly bear, ram, boar, lion) symbolizing their guilt.


Seven Deadly Sins Anime Ten Commandments

Unbeknownst to most of its members, the Seven Deadly Sins were established for the very specific goal of defeating the Ten Commandments of the Demon Clan. King Baltra had prophesied in one of his visions that they would emerge as the guardian of Britannia. Meliodas and Merlin, who already knew that they would be part of the faction, took it on to themselves to find the other five members, in order to overcome the Ten Commandments, if they were to be released from the Casket of Eternal Darkness.

Seven Deadly Sins Great Holy Knight

The members of this group were originally an Order of Sacred Knights serving the Kingdom of Liones independently. All were branded traitors to the Kingdom and dangerous criminals after being accused of murdering Zaratras, the former Grand Master General of the Sacred Knights at the time. They found him murdered and were soon surrounded by the Sacred Knights of the Kingdom, who believed them guilty of the crime. Meliodas ordered the group to disperse to avoid unjust capture and the whole group escaped separately.

The Seven Deadly Sins reappeared 10 years later (with the exception of Escanor, who will appear in season 2 of the Seven Deadly Sins Anime series and in chapter 147 of the manga) when Elizabeth of Liones had to seek help to free the Kingdom from the oppressive rule of the Sacred Knights and prevent Hendricksen from freeing the Demon Clan imprisoned by the seal of the goddesses.

With the defeat of Hendricksen (who turned out to have been manipulated by Fraudrin of Altruism as well as Dreyfus), and the success of his heinous plan to revive the Demon Clan, the Seven Deadly Sins were heralded as heroes for saving the Kingdom. They were also cleared of the murder of Zaratras and welcomed back into the Kingdom of Liones.


Power Level & Abilities

Ban, Fox Sin of Greed: Embezzlement (60,000)

Diana, Serpent Sin of Envy: Creation (15,100)

Escanor, Lion Sin of Pride: Cruel Sun (Incommensurable)

Gowther, Goat Sin of Lust: Intrusion (35,400)

King, Grizzly Sin of Sloth: Disaster (41,600)

Meliodas, Dragon Sin of Wrath: Full Counter; Infernal Flame (163,000)

Merlin, Boar Sin of Gluttony: Infinite (200,020) 


Seven Deadly Sins Anime Symbols

All members of the group have a red purple animal symbol on a part of their body.

Ban: Ban has the Fox’s Sin of Greed Tattoo on the left side of his waist.

Diane: Diane has the Serpent’s Sin of Envy Tattoo with a coiled tail on her left thigh.

Escanor: Escanor has the Lion’s Sin of Pride Tattoo with a scar on his right eye that covers his back.

Gowther: Gowther has the Goat’s Sin of Lust Tattoo with giant horns on the right side of his chest.

King: King has the Grizzly’s Sin of Sloth Tattoo facing left above his left foot. It is usually hidden under his pants and shoes.

Meliodas: Meliodas has the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath Tattoo of a dragon biting its tail, forming a circle on his left arm near his shoulder. His symbol also refers to an ouroboros which means immortality, referring to the fact that Meliodas always resurrects (cf.meliodas curse)

Merlin: Merlin has the Boar’s Sin of Gluttony Tattoo of a boar’s face on the right with twigs growing out of it on the left side of his neck.


The Seven Deadly Sins 7 Sins

Each member of the group had been tried and found guilty of committing an “intimate sin” that could be considered “unforgivable” in the eyes of the 5 Great Clans, its title being attributed to the fundamental moral fault that had caused this crime. Although it seems clear, for most of them, there were extenuating circumstances.

Meliodas Dragon Sin

Meliodas Sama


Meliodas considers his “intimate sin” to be his failure to protect every incarnation of the Goddess Elizabeth from Death, among which was Liz, but also the Kingdom of Danafor and its inhabitants. The official story is that Meliodas lost himself in his rage and grief and destroyed Danafor itself.

In reality, the Kingdom was already under attack by Fraudrin of Altruism who wanted to take revenge on Meliodas and free the Demon Clan from the Casket of Eternal Darkness.

Diane Serpent Sin

Diane Seven Deadly Sins Cute


Diane and Matrona (Seven Deadly Sins) were hired by the Sacred Knights of the Lion Kingdom as mercenaries to help them in their fight against a Tribe of Savages. But the Sacred Knight Gannon had deceived them, as he wanted to move up the ranks for killing a member of the Giant Clan. Although Matrona was mortally wounded by a poisoned arrow, Gannon underestimated her strength and his plans were thwarted. The Giantess managed to kill most of the troops, but mysteriously disappeared, including Gannon, while the survivors falsified the report of the incident to blame Diana. She was eventually branded the Serpent of Envy for her jealousy of Matrona and the murder of 330 “innocent” Knights of the Realm. She was sentenced to death by beheading but Meliodas prevented her execution under the direct orders of King Bartra.

Diane considers it her “intimate sin” to have caused Matrona’s death because of her own jealousy towards the Humans. But it was later revealed that Matrona was saved and healed by the savage Zarpa, who became her husband…

Ban Fox Sin

Nanatsu No Taizai Ban Manga


As the only survivor of the Forest of the Fairy King, he was blamed and condemned for destroying the Forest and killing Elaine, the Saint who protected the Fountain of Youth. As a result, he was sentenced to imprisonment and eventually labeled the Fox of Greed because of his apparent greed for Immortality. In reality, Ban was attempting to protect the Forest from a Red Demon, but was mortally wounded by it, forcing Elaine to sacrifice herself to allow Ban to finish off the Demon.

Ban considers it his “intimate sin” that he still hasn’t found a way to bring Elaine back to life. Nevertheless, Elaine is eventually brought back to life by Merascylla (other name for Melascula) of Faith’s Avenging Resurrection.

King Grizzly Sin

Seven Deadly Sins Anime King

After allegedly ending Helbram’s life, King was convicted of ignoring Helbram’s mass murder of humans over a period of 500 years, which nearly sparked a war between the Humans and the Fairy Clan. As a result, he was sentenced to 1000 years imprisonment and branded the Grizzly of Sloth for turning a blind eye to the atrocities committed by one of his kind. In reality, King had lost his memory while trying to protect Helbram from the Sacred Knight Aldrich, who wanted to make a fortune in Fairy wings. His memory came back to him thanks to Diane who reminded him a lot of Elaine.

 King considers it his “intimate sin” to have abandoned his best friend, his sister and the rest of the Fairy Clan from certain extermination, but he will eventually be forgiven after protecting the Fairy King’s Forest from an Albion sent by the Ten Commandments.

Gowther Goat Sin

Gowther Seven Deadly Sins Anime

Gowther was called the Goat Sin of Lust after being accused of raping, and torturing to death, Princess Nadia, the older sister of King Bartra and Prince Denzel. In reality, Nadja and Gowther were very much in love with each other. It was later revealed that Nadja was about to die of illness and wanted to spend her last moments with Gowther. After a moment of passion, she died peacefully in Gowther’s arms and in panic, Gowther tried to revive her by grafting his own magic heart, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Gowther screamed and alerted nearby guards who found him in a bloody bedroom with Nadjas’ dead body underneath him. As a result, Gowther succumbs to his “father’s” Precept of Altruism, and loses his memory, as well as all his emotional capacities.

He will eventually regain his memories and feelings after finding his magical heart, kept by King Baltra for years, which seems to mean that Nadja’s death would have been forgiven.

Escanor Lion Sin

Escanor Png


Escanor is accused by the Lion Kingdom of terrorizing and destroying many villages and cities, seriously injuring the Sacred Knights who tried to subdue him, including their Grand Master General Zaratras, and also of disrespecting.

Merlin Boar Sin

 Merlin Daughter of Belialuin

Merlin’s crime is unknown.

Merlin’s thirst for knowledge is endless. However, researching, experimenting, making mistakes, starting over, and finally making discoveries, leading to new mysteries, is a very long process, exceeding the life span of humans. To remedy this, Merlin stopped his time 3000 years ago, in order to know everything about the world one day!


There are 7 laws that each member of the group is required to follow. So far, only 5 of these laws have been revealed. The laws were established by Meliodas…

3rd Rule: “No member shall question another member about his or her “intimate sin.”

4th Rule: “When a member is in danger, all the rest of the group shall come together to help him.”

5th Rule: “When 2 members of the group are in disagreement, they may resolve it by fighting.”

6th Rule: “If two members of the group fight to the death, the other five must do everything in their power to stop them even if it kills them.”

7th Rule: “Make sure you stay together and work as a team at all times. With everyone.”


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